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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)?
    Continuous Glucose Monitoring, or CGM, is the process of automatically measuring the amount of sugar (glucose) in your body every few minutes with a sensor that is placed under your skin. The continuous readings allow the system to use the data to predict the direction your glucose level is heading and will display that information as an arrow. With the actual value of your glucose, plus the arrow, you can see more about what is happening with your glucose.
  • How does CGM differ from testing with a blood glucose meter?
    CGM systems available today measure glucose in the interstitial fluid – the fluid between your cells just under the skin. Since CGM is measuring glucose in a different part of your body, it will not be the same concentration as in your blood, but very similar. A blood glucose meter requires that you take a small sample of blood from your fingertip and place it on a test strip that’s inserted inside a meter. The meter provides a glucose value based on the amount of glucose in the blood sample at that moment. CGM automatically and continuously provides glucose values every few minutes, using a sensor inserted just below your skin. The glucose level taken from your blood can be different from the glucose level in the fluid below your skin. With ordinary CGM and FGM systems, you must insert a new sensor through the skin every 7-14 days. With the RxMdLife CGM System, a single sensor lasts for months.
  • Is CGM better than testing with a meter?
    One significant benefit of CGM is that it provides a “moving” picture of how your glucose levels change over time without samples from fingersticks. This can make it easier to see how diet, exercise and other health factors affect your glucose levels. CGM also provides alerts to let you know if your glucose levels are changing rapidly or approaching unsafe levels. Published research studies show using CGM regularly can reduce A1c without increasing hypoglycemia*.
  • How is RxMdLife CGM different from ordinary CGM?
    The RxMdLife CGM System uses fluorescence technology to measure glucose with a tiny sensor implanted completely under the skin. This long-term CGM technology allows for up to 3 months of CGM readings with a single sensor. A smart transmitter is worn over the sensor using a gentle adhesive that is changed daily. The smart transmitter can be removed and replaced without ending the sensor session. The smart transmitter wirelessly powers the sensor, collects the glucose data and sends it to the RxMdLife Mobile App.
  • How does RxMdLife CGM differ from Flash Glucose Monitoring?
    Flash Glucose Monitoring, or FGM, uses a body-worn sensor that requires insertions of a new sensor every 10-14 days. FGM provides a glucose value on demand by using a proprietary reader device. The reader is held over the sensor to wirelessly obtain a glucose value. The RxMdLife CGM System uses a small sensor that is inserted completely under the skin, and does not have to be changed for up to 3 months. A smart transmitter wirelessly powers the sensor, automatically collects the glucose data every 5 minutes and sends it to the RxMdLife Mobile App on your smartphone. The continuous readings allow the system to use the data to predict the direction your glucose level is heading and will automatically alert you of high and low glucose events.
  • What is Durable Medical Equipment (DME)?What is Durable Medical Equipment (DME)?
    Durable medical equipment is any medical equipment used to aid in a better quality of life. The DME we specialize in is in “off the shelf” orthotic bracing, which is becoming an excellent alternative to other treatments available. DME is typically a one time cost, if any, and the patient does not have to concern themselves with the potential and harmful side effects often associated with opiates, surgery and addictive treatments or prescriptions. DME is an effective painless way to reduce pain and improve the quality of your life. DME is used to provide additional support and care to patients outside of the hospital environment and is designed to support both temporary and permanent conditions.
  • Who pays for the equipment?
    Once we have verified your individual insurance, which will determine your coverage, received your approval and receipt of the necessary documentation, About You Medical will file a claim with your insurance provider for reimbursement. Claims filed and approved by Medicare cover up to 80% of product cost (less any deductible). The remaining 20% is potentially paid by your secondary provider, if you have secondary coverage. Ultimately, you are responsible for the 20%. Plans vary based on your individual coverage and it is recommended you contact us before considering an order. Private insurance programs and benefits vary and are specific to each individual plan. Reimbursements are dependent on the type of program, deductibles and eligibility.
  • When I give About You Medical my health information what happens?
    All information is held confidentially and not released to any third party. About You Medical will ONLY use this information, with your approval to check to see if your insurance qualifies you for your product of interest.
  • When I call the toll free number or email you am I obligated in any way?
    You are not obligated in any way. Your call is confidential and we understand many patients simply want to see if they are eligible and if their insurance will cover the cost of their order. There is no obligation of any kind and it is entirely up to you if you want to order a product or not.
  • What is the process if I order?
    After we have verified your insurance and YOU have confirmed your order, on your behalf we will contact your doctor and fax your doctor the LMN (letter of medical necessity/doctor prescription) for him/her to complete. Once we receive the signed paperwork from your doctor, your order will be released and shipped straight to your door at our expense. When the delivery is confirmed, we will file the claim on your behalf with your insurance company.
  • What if I receive the product(s) and I decide they are not right for me or not to my liking?
    About You Medical has a “no questions asked” return policy. We encourage you to inspect the product(s), try them on to ensure comfort and fit. If for any reason you are not satisfied or wish to return the product(s), simply contact us within 5 days after your delivery and we will pick the product(s) up at our expense. All we ask is to ensure all the pieces and everything that came in the package are put back in the box. THAT’S IT
  • What should I do before I call to order medical equipment?
    Ordering is easy. Simply call our toll free number and have your insurance information handy. We can verify your insurance over the phone to see if you are covered. Then you can decide if you would like to order.
  • How do I order additional products?
    As a valued patient of RxMdLife, we will assist you in verifying your insurance coverage for that product and ensure all the necessary paperwork is received so your claim can be processed efficiently and smoothly.
  • How often can I order orthotic equipment?
    Eligibility for orthotic equipment will vary based on the type of equipment required. Typically braces can be replaced every 2-5 years depending on the product. It is recommended to contact us so we determine eligibility under your insurance plan.
  • Are all your products covered by Medicare and/or private insurance?
    All our products have been reviewed by Medicare and approved by Medicare for potential reimbursement but are subject to reimbursement based on your individual plan. All orders can be submitted for potential reimbursement by Medicare and/or private insurance when accompanied with the necessary documentation. Ultimately, approval will be determined by Medicare and/or your private insurance provider. RxMdLife will work with you to ensure all appropriate documentation is completed and correct before submitting your claim on your behalf.
  • I have questions about billing for my medical equipment and supplies. Who should I contact?
    Please call our customer service Phone number at 800-345-8719 You may contact us anytime during normal business hours (Mon – Fri, 10.00 am to 4:00 pm EST). If after hours, or all of our agents are busy. please leave a message and one of our customer representatives will return your call within 24 to 48 hours.
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